Portavolt 715 – Refined design and commitment to UK manufacturer


The Claude Lyons Portavolt 715 (15Amp) portable-style variable electrical transformers will be getting a fresh new design in 2022.

A favourite amongst our customers for their renowned reliability, the new units will emulate the much-loved robust and heavy-duty construction from the original design.

Its features include Enhanced Safety, Thermal cut-out, Bench or Wall mounting, and a Gold-plated contact area. Portavolts also ensure no waveform distortion or harmonic generation.


The 715 Series Portavolt is available in three versions:

Enclosed – No meters (Part number CL-PV-15EB)

Enclosed – With analogue Voltage and Current meters (Part number CL-PV-15EA)

Enclosed – With digital Voltage and (Part number CL-PV-15ED)


All 715 Portavolts are fitted with 6mm shrouded sockets to allow for calibrated meters to be used. We can also supply the units in 110V and up to 400Hz.

The units are Designed and Manufactured in the UK to the latest standards complying with BS EN 62558-2-14.

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Portavolt, Regavolt and Claude Lyons are Trademarks of The Allendale Group Ltd.

Made in UK - Claude Lyons Portavolt