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PowerSave ESS Voltage Optimisers

Ideal Voltage reduction system for sites with a reasonably stable Voltage supply.

The PowerSave™ Energy Saving Transformer (EST) is a tapped auto-transformer which reduces voltage by up to 12%. This proportional reduction provides an effective way of prolonging the life of electrical equipment, reducing costs and cutting carbon emissions for sites with a reasonably stable mains supply.

At full load the PowerSave™ EST Voltage Optimisation delivers efficiency of more than 99.5%. Many types of electrical equipment work perfectly well on a lower voltage than the standard mains supply, and indeed the performance of some equipment is actually optimised when the voltage is reduced. The EST can realise energy savings of up to 20% and help organisations meet their Carbon Reduction Commitments.

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  • Typical Energy savings of up to 8%
  • Prolonged equipment life span
  • Adjustable configurations based on site requirements
  • Single and three phase options with ratings of up to 3,000 amps per phase
  • Carbon Trust and Salix funds available
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  • Single Phase – EST Energy Saving Transformer Datasheet
  • Three Phase – EST Energy Saving Transformer Datasheet

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Site Survey

Our energy management specialists use the latest technology to analyse your on-site power conditions, and then create a bespoke energy saving strategy to match your site’s requirements – ensuring no capacity is wasted.


We work with highly qualified and experienced installation engineers to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your PowerSave™ voltage optimisation equipment.

Save Energy & Save Money

PowerSave™ true, dynamic voltage optimisation technology allows equipment to operate at optimum efficiency, lowering energy bills, extending equipment life and reducing carbon footprint.
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